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Clavinova Ensemble Adventures

Instructor: Susan Ogilvy, nationally renowned Clavinova artist and composer from Denton, TX


This incredibly fun event is open to all students (3rd-12th grade) of OMTA teachers and no Clavinova is needed to participate. This is an opportunity for students from different studios to learn ensemble music, rehearse together and perform together. Students will be assigned to groups based on their skill level/age and will have hour-long rehearsals on the dates listed below. The final performance will be a recital of all of the ensembles plus a performance from "The Novas", the teacher ensemble!



Rehearsal Dates:

August 3rd - Saturday Rehearsal 1*

August 10th - Saturday Rehearsal 2*

August 17th - Saturday Rehearsal 3*

August 24th - Saturday Rehearsal 4*

September 7th - Mandatory Rehearsal**

Performance Date: Saturday, September 14th

Screenshot 2024-03-03 at 4.59_edited.jpg

*Students are required to attend 2 of the 4 rehearsals in August

**Students MUST attend the mandatory rehearsal on September 7th and the performance on September 14th.


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